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Newcastle University, UK


Newcastle University, UK

Applied Linguistics and Communication Seminar Series, 12 November 2019

Over four million people worldwide are studying or working in higher education institutions (HEIs) outside their country of origin, and the numbers are growing.  There is, however, a lack of clarity about how this ‘internationalisation’ is actually experienced by internationally mobile staff and students, especially in contexts outside the global west.   This study investigated perceptions of Thai HEIs by foreign staff and students in locations across that country.  A multi-method qualitative approach incorporated thematic analysis of narrative and interview data. Results indicated broadly positive perceptions of relationships with peer groups between foreign staff and locals, but more negative perceptions of levels of practical and emotional institutional support, with communication perceived as the main impediment to successful intergroup interaction.   Implications for policy makers, institutions, staff, students and researchers will be discussed.


Adjustment (sociocultural and psychological); internationalisation; mobility; higher education; academic migration

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